2017 sees the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary, in Cirencester, by King Henry 1 in 1117. Although relations between Abbey and townspeople were sometimes difficult as the Abbey was powerful and held sway over everyone’s life, the wealth it brought to the town became the foundation of the economy we enjoy today.

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The Abbey 900 Festival 2017 year finished with a service in the parish church on 31 December when the events and projects enjoyed were celebrated and the hope that the community spirit, new friendships and collaborations formed would continue in 2018.

The Commemorative painting which was commissioned from local artist, Tracey Elphick and given to out Patron Bishop Rachel who in turn returned it to the town was handed over to the care of the Bingham Library Trust at the service.

The LEGO model of how the Abbey would have looked in the 1400s will stay in the church for the coming year for all to enjoy and a small maintenance team will dress it for the seasons and the church year.

The accounts for the Legacy Fund for the Festival are nearly complete and it is intended to put a new working group together in the spring to administer the fund to enhance the Abbey Grounds for all to enjoy.

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