Abbey900 Cirencester

Celebrate with us – dance at the Fleece Fair on May Day and at the Medieval Banquet, sing with the choirs, marvel at the manuscripts.

700 years after the Romans left and the town’s economy foundered, the Abbey arrived and started the wool trade which re-booted the wealth and helped create the foundation of the town we know today
Come and learn about our heritage and have fun
Put a brick in the LEGO brick model in the Parish Church (from 11 April until Oct). Come to the Plantagenet and Civil War re-enactments (May and July); see 4 of the manuscripts from the Abbey library – in Corinium Museum Cirencester for the 1st time since the dissolution (11Jan – 21 May); attend the Medieval banquet (28 May)
A festival for all to take part in, learn about our heritage and enjoy.